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The Attribute of block in autocad

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 The Attribute of block in autocad
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The insert dialog box is as graph 10-7 shows after execute the Insert command.
Name: Specifies the name of a block to insert. If there is not internal block, the name is blank.
From file: Specify the external block to insert. Click the “Browse” and enter to the graphic dialog, as shown in 10-8. Select the name or the path of external graphic file and click the “Open” button. Return to the dialog 10-7, click the “insert” button. And then specify the insertion point the scale, rotation angle. Upon completion of the command, the graphic is inserted into the specified insertion point.
Preview: Display a preview of the block.
Insertion Point(X,Y,Z): Specifies the insertion point for the block. If you select the “Specify On-Screen” option, these three dialog box can not be used.
Scale: Specifies the scale for the inserted block in X, Y,Z axis direction. These three values can be same or not. If you select the “Specify On-Screen” option, it can not be used. By default, the value is 1.
Specify On-Screen: Specifies the scale of the block using the pointing device.
Rotation: Specifies the rotation angle for the inserted block in the current UCS. . If you select the “Specify On-Screen” option, it can not be used.
Explode: Specify whether explode the block when inserting and return it back to the original state of the element. When explode block, only the exploded references block affected. Original definition still preserved in the graph. Other copies of blocks can still be inserted in the graph. If the exploded block include property, the property will be lost. However, the properties of original definition block remains. Explode block make the elements return back to their next state. Blocks or polylines in the block changed into blocks and polylines again.
Unit: Specifies the INSUNITS value for the inserted block. If you select this option, only the X box is available. The scale factors in the X box will display in the Y,Z box in the same time.
If the external blocks are inserted into the current graphic ,the definition of it will be stored in the graphic internal and create a internal block with the same name. So when you want to use it later, you can call from the internal directly.
If the external blocks are inserted into the current graphic, all the block definition involved(external nested blocks) also brought into the current drawing, and generates internal blocks of the same name, can be called at any time after the drawing.
If you choose to block when inserted explode when inserted into the blocks, the block is inserted automatically into individual entities, and their properties, such as layer, color, line, also will return to the previously generated block entities with properties.
If the block is inserted inside the block name can be directly input; If you insert a path outside the block you need to give the block file.
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