linear dimension autocad

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 linear dimension autocad
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linear dimension autocad
1. Command format:
Command line: Dimleader/ leader (LEAD)
Menu: [Dimension]>[Leader (L)]
Create a line that connects annotation to the text or related objexts.
2. Steps:
Dimension the explanatory note about the circle, as shown in graph 9-18.
1)Command: dimlinear
Execute dimlinear command
2)Specify an extension line origin or (Select):
Specify an extension line endpoint:
Confirm the origin and endpoint of the extension line
Next point; confirm next point
Next point: Form(F)/ Undo(U))/Annotate(A);
Click the “Enter” button to confirm the endpoint
F:the first line of the annotation/
Click the “Enter” button and edit the Multiline text dialog box
Annotation Options: Block(B)/Copy(C)/None(N)/ Tolerance(T)/Multiline text(M)
The prompts lists:
Block(B): Inserts a block at the end of the leader line. The prompts are the same as for INSERT. When this option is selected, the system prompts "enter block name or [K? Current value >”. Enter the block name and then appears the insertion point or [multiple block (M) / scaling factor (S) /X/Y/Z/ rotation angle (R)]:"
Copy(C): Copy text, a multiline text object, a ribbon, a feature control frame with geometric tolerances, or a block and put the copy at the end of the leader line.
None(N): End the command without inputting any annotation.
Tolerance(T): Create various of geometric tolerances using the Geometric Tolerance dialog box.
Multiline text(M): Input multiline text in the Multiline dialog box as the annotation.
3. Notes:
When you create leader dimension, text and leads often encounter inappropriate location, the user can adjust the position of the leader and text through grip editing. When the user moves the grip on the leader, the text does not move, but when you move the text, the leader will move in the same time.

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