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create attribute block in autocad

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 create attribute block in autocad
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Command format
Command line: Block(B)
Toolbar:[Draw]>[Create Block]
Create the block means to combine one or more objects as a whole, name and save it for later use. As an object or an entity, the block can be called and edited anytime needed. Similarly, creating attribute block means combining the defined attribute with the relevant graphs and defining it as a block(block with attribute) by Block/Bmake command. The attribute block can be called anytime needed. The steps are similar to the ordinary block.
Create an attribute block with defined brand and mode attributes (the mode is invisible attribute). Name it QC. As graph 10-16 displays.
  Command: Block Execute the Block command
  Enter the name of the block in the block definition dialog: ”QC”
   Name the attributive block
  Specify the right blow of the car as the base point to insert
  Select the write block objects: include the upper left corner, point A
  Another corner point: specify the point B as the another corner.
  Select the entities attribute the block
Select the objects in the collection:93
Select the object to write the block
prompt that you had chosen the objects, Enter to end.
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