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Edit the Attribute of the Block in autocad

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 Edit the Attribute of the Block in autocad
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Edit the Attribute of the Block in autocad
Command format
Command line: Ddatte(ATE)
Ddatte is used to edit the attribute value of those inserted attributive
block. Ddatte command is valid for the constant attribute value.
Execute the Ddatte command, select the block whose attribute value you are going to change. Then, select the name of the attribute name in the “edit block attribute” dialog box. The attribute value displays in the numerical dialog box. The attributes would be changed if you edited the numerical dialog box.
Use the Ddatte command to change the brand attribute from “BMW” to “Benz”, the results are shown in graph 10-20(b).
  Command: Ddatte Execute the Ddatte command
  Select the block reference, pick the attributive block in graph(a)
  Select and modify the value of the attributive block in the graph 10-20(a)
  Edit in the dialog box, as shown in graph 10-19 Block attribute dialog box
  Select ”PINPAI” in the name ribbon,
  change “BMW” into “Benz” in the numerical box
  Click “OK” End the command, the results are as 10-20 shows

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