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 edit attribute autocad
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edit attribute autocad
Command format
Command line: Attedit
Attedit command can be used to edit all the attributive blocks in the graph generally. Also, it can edit many attributive blocks or many attributes of one block at once. It can be used to edit the attributive value, attributive position, the height, angle, font, layer, color and so on.
After executing Attedit command, the system prompts: "Select block reference" .Activate the "Enhanced Attribute Editor" dialog box, as shown in graph 10-21.
There are three labs in the dialog box, the introductions are as follows:
Attribute lab.
This tab displays the selected "block quote" tags in each attribute, prompt,and its corresponding attribute value. Select a certain property, you can modify its value directly in the "Value" edit box.
Text option Lab, as shown in graph 10-22
Modify attributive text’s style, alignment, height, angle of text line and other items directly. The meaning and setting of each option are same with those in Style command.
Features lab. As shown in graph 10-22.
Modify the features as the layer, color, linear, width and print style etc. directly.
The “apply” button use for saving the modification when maintain the opening of the dialog box.
“Select block” is used to select the block to modify continually.
Unlike the text tag in the block, the features of attributes are not apparently seen. The text is the main part of the block. If the block is a whole, you cannot edit the text in the block separately. Although the property is part of the block, in a way, it is independent of the block and can be edited separately.
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