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Need suggestion for a CAD type program for Fire Dept project

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 Need suggestion for a CAD type program for Fire Dept project
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I'm not even sure if this is a appropriate forum for my ?. I'm looking for a suggestion of a CAD program for a fire dept project. Im an ohio firefighter given a task to update our preplan book. As of now we have a book that has paper (I know, paper, right?) preplans of buildings in our district that depict where the best hydrants are for that building, where apparatus are to stage upon arrival on scene, and where certain important fire suppression appliances are located on the building, etc. I need a program that'll allow me to take those paper preplans and redraw them in an electronic format that we can put on the mobile data terminals in the vehicles. I need to be able to draw a 2D rendering of these buildings and the adjacent roads, make renderings of our vehicles and place them where they would park on scene in relation to the bldg. I need to be able to make symbols to represent the location of fire hydrants, Fire Department Connections, etc. Ideally I'd be able to draw the vehicles and symbols then save them as objects and reuse those objects in each drawing. This program would need to be fairly easy to pick up use since it will b used mainly by firefighters with little CAD experience. I have some AutoCAD experience, but I cant speak for other users. It also must fit into the budget of a small township fire dept. If you guys can think of a program that fits the bill, it would help my search out greatly.

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Cadprofi have tools for evacuation plans, Fire emergency signs ...

Think about ZWCAD Professional 2014+ SP1 + Architectural CADPROFI TOOLS
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