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The application case in Part configuration (2014)

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 The application case in Part configuration (2014)
17-04-2014 11:39 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Several days ago, one customer ask me how to draw the die tool shows below. (The customer call it "die tool" without more details)

2014-4-17 11:38

It seems quite simple, I don't know if some ones can understand this 2d drfating.
IMO, this is one part may be used in Progressive die. The part has three dimension but quite similar, I guess they are serial product.

2014-4-17 11:49

2014-4-17 11:49

So I was thinking how to create this model by reasonable method.

There are two ideas in my mind:

1. creating three individual part with different parameter, some key parameter value can be set to variable.

2. creating one part and using the Part configuration to control three product specification.
Because the prat configuration is the new feature in 2014, I am interesting to know how it works in such kind of case.

I created the section profile in sketch firstly.

2014-4-17 11:58

Then extrude the profile by using "99", it's the less length of the part.(Note: Why I don't use the variable to control the length here?)

2014-4-17 12:02

Create the inner detailed pocket by Sketch+ Extrude cut

2014-4-17 12:04

Until now, we already create the first series part "KV-75/100"
Next, we are going to use Part configuration function to create the left two ones.

Create a variable by L=99 (Length) and offset the side face by L-99

2014-4-17 13:39

2014-4-17 13:39

Create a datum plane and mirror the hole features.

2014-4-17 13:46

Then we already create the second series part, then we can go to create the Part configuration.

Create two new configuration and add Datum plane, Mirror command and the variable L to the table.

2014-4-17 13:49

Then you will find that we already can drive those two part by different configuration. ( KV-75/100 and Kv-75/200)

Create a new configuration call KV-75/300 and set the L value to 299

2014-4-17 13:53

The model will shows as below.

2014-4-17 13:54

Create the Pattern feature to finish the modeling, the model will shows as below

2014-4-17 13:55

Until now, we already finish the modeling process, and the final job is setting the Configuration.
2014-4-17 13:57

Please download the video below to see the detailed operations.

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