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Trace profile in Sketch (Weekly tips #2)

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 Trace profile in Sketch (Weekly tips #2)
23-04-2014 10:25 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Most of users don't know this command when using sketch, or see it in sketch but never know how it works. Today we are going to summarize the use of Trace profile.

There are three commands in sketch as shown as below.

Use these commands to trace a profile around existing interconnecting sketch geometry. You can create, offset or delete trace profiles.

2014-4-23 10:35

1. Using Trace Profile can generate the closed loop profile without trim or split the original lines.

Note: The Trace profile will shows blue line in sketch.

2014-4-23 10:39

2. Using Trace profile to create the related offset lines.Because there is not offset constrain in ZW3D sketch right now, if we want to create the related offset line using below profile.

2014-4-23 10:46

Using the normal way in sketch, we will use the command " Offset a chain of curve"

2014-4-23 10:49

What a pity, without Offset constrain, we have to create many dimension to control the offset value as shown as below.

2014-4-23 10:52

Using Trace profile, we can use some tricks to solve this kind of problem.

Let us use Trace profile and Offset trace profile to do that.

2014-4-23 10:58

Compare to the normal way, the offset profile can be redefine by using Offset trace profile command, this command can read the previous offset value, so that you can use this command again to control the offset value.

2014-4-23 11:09

3. Using Trace profile to create reference segmented line from external geometry

In sketch, we can use Reference command to create Construction Geometry curves on the sketch plane by projecting 3D curves (lines, arcs, curves, or edges), then we can use Toggle type to transfer construction line to full line.

2014-4-23 11:26

then we can catch the segmented line from the copied referenced line (Red full line) by using Trace profile command.

2014-4-23 11:28

Using this method, can keep good associated relation ship with the original external geometry (The Block edges in this example, if you change The Block dimension, the sketch and extrude boss will be updated together)

2014-4-23 11:34

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24-04-2014 07:13 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Nice series of hints and tips. Please keep it going. Thank you very much.
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