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Enjoy Your Design Adventure in ZWCAD Touch V1.2 for Android!

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 Enjoy Your Design Adventure in ZWCAD Touch V1.2 for Android!
04-05-2014 02:37 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
How time flies! It's already been 2 months since we released the last update to ZWCAD Touch for Android (See here), but our product manager and developers didn't take a moments rest. Instead, they have been busy preparing the next update that is coming to Google Play, ZWCAD Touch for Android V1.2.

Here are some new features in this release:

1. 3D View is finally on Android
3D View and View control are the biggest new features in this release. It's been a year since ZWCAD Touch for iOS first supported 3D solid view for DWG files, and finally, its power is brought to the Android platform. Now you can open a DWG file containing 3D solids, and switch among different visual styles (2D wireframe, 3D wireframe and 3D solid) in the newly added "View" menu. You can also orbit, pan and zoom the model in 3D view, to carefully inspect every detail.

Besides the 3D view, there are also other settings and features in the View menu. You can regenerate the view to smooth the lines and arcs, as well as zoom the drawing to its full extent, so that you can see the whole design. We also provided the possibility of changing the background colors in the View menu: simply tap the color button at the bottom, and it will change the background color of the current model space or paper space.
2014-5-4 14:36

2. Insert images to further explain your design
Pictures always speak louder than words. How can a designer showcase his designs without an image attached? Now it is possible, right at your fingertips in ZWCAD Touch. You can insert images into any of your drawings from the photo album in your Android phone or tablet, or even take a photo and insert it instantly. The ability to take real photo of a building and insert it at the corresponding position in a drawing is especially useful when you are inspecting constructions on site.
2014-5-4 14:36

Where there is import, there will be export. ZWCAD Touch for Android now supports the ability to export drawings as a picture and share with others. It will take a snapshot of the current view of the drawing and save it as JPG file. This can be very convenient to showcase your designs to someone who doesn't have ZWCAD Touch in their cell phone. Come to think of it, why do they not have ZWCAD Touch installed? Maybe you should recommend it to them :)
2014-5-4 14:36

3. SmartPen just knows what you want
We brought a new feature of ZWCAD Touch iOS into Android this time; SmartPen. It's exactly the same, so why not just read it here for full details and enjoy it.

4. More "clouds", connect to the world
The more, the merrier. This update brings 3 new cloud services to Touch for Android, including Box and SugarSnyc which are both growing in popularity all around the world. Now you can connect to the world in your own way.
2014-5-4 14:36

5. "Hey, DWG! There is no place to hide anymore!"
The last but the most EXPECTED update! People are always complaining about the fact that they cannot search for drawings in other folders, since you can only work in the default folder in ZWCAD Touch. Now with the latest release of V1.2, you can search for all your drawing files in every single folder. What's more, it will automatically filter those useless folders (ones that do not contain any DWG file), and only display folders that contain drawings, so that you will not have to look for your designs in huge folders (Android always has a lot of folders, and you don’t have time to search through all of them).
2014-5-4 14:36

For those of you who have already got used to only using the default folder, don't worry, we have still kept that option for you. In fact, you can switch between "View default drawing folder" and "View all drawing folder" with just a single tap in the Local Drawing file list.
2014-5-4 14:36

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Hi. Is possible add next "cloud" ?

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Reply 2# msbud7705

Hi Martin, thanks for the advice. We will consider it in the future updates.
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