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Some other tips in sketch (Weekly tips #3)

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 Some other tips in sketch (Weekly tips #3)
05-05-2014 02:18 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Today, I will introduce some other tips in sketch, those points could be mastered by yourself, but I will still share something seem to me important points in sketch.

1. Redefine sketch plane

Lots of users ask about this question, using ZW3D and creating some sketch, if you want to change the sketch location plane, there is not entrance for you to change it when you working in the sketch. The only way in ZW3D you can do it as shown as below.

2014-5-5 14:28

2. Swap ghosting faces in sketch

When you working in sketch environment, the external shape will display by transparency color as default setting, you can change the setting by going to the Configuration.

2014-5-5 14:34

3. Switch for auto constrain and auto dimension

If you don't want to create the sketch profile with the auto constrain and auto dimension. You can turn off them by going to Preference

(BTY, Smart pick also can be turned off here.)

2014-5-5 14:40

4. Show target to display current entity in sketch

Some times, we don't want to show external entity in current sketch environment, we want to clear the drawing board so that we can easy to know what we draw. That we can use the button from Document aware tool bar.

2014-5-5 14:45

5. Reference external entity

In my opinion, there are two conditions we need to refer to external entity, and both of them are quite common when we working in sketch.

a. Refer to external entity to place of the profile or use to dimensions or constrains. (For this situation, you can direct do it without the help of other commands)

2014-5-5 14:58

b. Not just refer but also copy it to current sketch as true line. (For this situation, we need to do it with the help of "Reference" command)

2014-5-5 15:03

Note: After using Reference command, those line will become construction line firstly, so we need to right click to transfer the line type.

2014-5-5 15:05

6. How to create construction line

In fact, I already introduce a little bit in point 5.

Because there is no specialized command to create construction line by one step, after creating the line, we can use the command "Toggle type"

2014-5-5 15:16

For me, after doing that, I would like to use "Anchor" to fix the construction line. This only my personal preference. ^ _^, it depend on you if do it like that.

2014-5-5 15:18

Hope those things are helpful for all of you. Thank you for your attention.


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