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Know more about Sub-Part In ZW3D (Weekly tips #4)

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 Know more about Sub-Part In ZW3D (Weekly tips #4)
09-05-2014 10:41 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Today, we will going to learn the functionality "Sub-Part", I don't if each one knows this function and use it very common, there is detailed explanation for this function in help document, but I still want to share somethings about this functionality, how it works and when we can use.
First, let us see where we can find the Sub-Part command in ZW3D.

Insert->Insert Sub-Part

2014-5-9 14:01

How to understand this function in ZW3D.

In my word, Sub-Part works as feature folder to store features/operations, when you working on the sub-part environment, it seems that you are working on the virtual sub component, why we call it "virtual", it only generate the Sub-Part feature on the history manager but not any component on the assembly manager.

The following is the official explanation of Sub-Part

2014-5-9 14:13
Use this command to create a new part in the active file and instance it into the active part as a component that does NOT show up in the Assembly Manager nor in the active file's root object list. It is automatically deleted when the parent part is deleted, and may be flagged with " Auto Regen" on or off. Sub-parts are merged with their parent parts automatically.
For example, I create two simple shapes in one part using two Sub-part to store those features, so from the image below, you can see that you just can see two features on the history manager . When you double click it, you can insert the Sub-Part environment to see the detailed operations.

2014-5-9 14:23

Maybe you will ask me, what's the difference between Feature Folder? It seems that they are doing the same thing!
Feature folder only can be used to make specify features as a group, it can be used to manager the long history, to classify the long history to different folder can clear your mind. you can do this after finishing your modeling, and Feature folder support to store any continuous features

2014-5-9 15:23

Sub-Part is not a virtual folder but is a real feature in the history, it store the features base on what the entity what you create in that environment, so it can't store any existed features by selecting.

2014-5-9 15:56

What's more, using Sub-Part, you can enhance history playing speed, because it doesn't need to go through all features in Sub-part.

But If I really want to regenerate the features in the Sub-part, how I can do that?

With the clumsy way, we have to double click and activate it to do regeneration.

2014-5-13 12:02

So what's the smart way to do that?

Auto Regen

This option can be used to control the inner features of Sub-Part do do regeneration automatically

1. You can turn on it when inserting Sub-Part

2014-5-14 10:39

2. You can turn on it by right click the Sub-Part feature on the history

2014-5-14 10:43

There is a special mark
“√” on the Sub-Part feature after turning on the Auto Regen

2014-5-14 10:48

Finally, Let's go to see how we will get the Sub-Part feature on the history except direct use Insert Sub-Part command

1. Translating->Import

2014-5-14 14:18

2. Copy -> External part

2014-5-14 14:22

3. Copy-> Geometry to Part

2014-5-14 14:24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> End<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Hi William,
this needs to live somewhere more permanent that slowly slipping down the forum.

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Reply 2# mudcrab


A video on YouTube (with verbal audio, not music) would be nice.
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