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Cannot Open DWG file (with ZWCAD 2012 Prof)

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 Cannot Open DWG file (with ZWCAD 2012 Prof)
15-05-2014 04:28 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
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Dear Zwcad support,
I have ZWCAD 2012 Professional license (version: 2011.10.30(17176) So far I have no problem opening DWG files created by autocad or other software.

But I just got file from my partner that he used AUTOCAD to make it.

When I opened the file there is warning:
"Unable to open this drawing. It contains incorrect or corrupted information.
The RECOVER command may be able to restor undamaged material from this drawing. Do you wan zwcad to attempt to recover this file?"
(see attachment 1st warning.jpg)
1st warning.jpg
2014-5-15 16:38

If I click Yes . ZWCAD say "unable to recover this drawing. It contains incorrect or corrupted information that is too extensive for repair." (see attachment 2nd warning.jpg)
2nd warning.jpg
2014-5-15 16:38

I clicked OK but the file could not be opened.

I tried to open the file with autocad and Nanocad, both could open that file without warning. With both of software I tried to recover the drawing and saved it to autocad 2000 and 2004 format.

Tried again to open that file in autocad 2000 and 2004 format with ZWCAD, but problem still exist.
Do you have any IDEA what's wrong?

I cannot find any support for old version ZWCAD (2012 below) now, it is very dissapointed for me since my company has several licenses for zwcad 2011 and 2012 and now ZWSOFT dont put any support for them. It is different than Autodesk that still put old file in the server.
Is there any service pack for zwcad 2012 prof. ?
Can I use the license for zwcad 2012+ Prof ?

Thanks for your reply.
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