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The skills you should know in Dynamic move (Weekly tips # 5)

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 The skills you should know in Dynamic move (Weekly tips # 5)
16-06-2014 04:46 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Dear all, there is long time no see, this series post (Weekly tips) will continues to, but after considering, I change the rules: The new weekly tips only will be post until last one has more 300 viewers.

So what we will go to learn today? today we will talk about the Dynamic move, this is not the new function in 2014, but during my routine support, I still find some users don't know how to use the Dynamic move correctly and efficiently.
Where we can find the Dynamic move command? We can find it on three places.

1. The Move/Copy for common entity

2. The Move for component

(Note: Assembly only has the command Move component but has not "Copy component" right now )

3. Direct Edit- Move/Copy

2014-6-16 16:52

every above command can find the dynamic move as below. (The first button)

2014-6-16 17:01

It seems quite simple to learn this command, just direct drag and drop the coordinate handle.

In fact, the option "Move handle only" store the skills.

2014-6-16 17:06

When you check this option, you can adjust the coordinate handle to other places (ZW3D use the entity center as the default setting)

So when you check this option, then you drag and drop the coordinate handle, ZW3D will not move the selected entity but just move the coordinate handle directly.

2014-6-16 17:11

Of course, this is not all the skill in this command. Let's go to see what we can do to place the Coordinate handle accurately.

2014-6-16 18:04


2014-6-16 18:04

So using this function, we can easy adjust the coordinate handle to different place.

2014-6-16 18:01

2014-6-16 18:02

2014-6-16 18:02
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