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ZW3D Tips: Application of ZW3D in Woodworking Machinery Industry

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 ZW3D Tips: Application of ZW3D in Woodworking Machinery Industry
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Through years of development, the woodworking machinery industry has developed from pure mechanical products to mechatronic products with NC woodworking machinery becoming more and more popular, making this industry ranked among most important technical equipment industries. To improve the quality, technical performance and reliability of products, CAD and CAM technologies have been widely used in designing, machining and customizing machine tools by woodworking machinery corporations globally.

In this article, ZW3D, all-in-one CAD/CAM software, will be introduced for the application in woodworking machinery industry.

With ZW3D, you can design and assemble the cabinet with panel, simulate its motion and check its interference, which will contribute to finding the problem before production.

2014-7-11 11:16

Figure1: the rendering of cabinet

By using this software, you also do rendering for your model to show the customer the visual images (just as shown in figure 1). With simple operation, you can change the texture of the cabinet to what you want, such as wood, plastic, metal and drawbench, and the background to what you expect, such as exhibition stand, supermarket and furniture city (as is shown in figure 2).

2014-7-11 11:19

Figure2: change the background of the design drawing with great convenience in ZW3D

In machining, thanks to the emboss feature, which is widely used in woodworking machinery profession, the designer can design the carving with ZW3D neatly.

2014-7-11 11:20

Figure3: carve pattern on woodwork fast with ZW3D

The other reason for ZW3D to be used in machining is that it can help finish the manufacture of woodworks and kinds of furniture, includes the roughing and finishing, just as shown in figure 4.

2014-7-11 11:23

Figure4: ZW3D help machine product from rough machining to finish machining

What’s more, ZW3D can achieve multi-axis machining, such as 4-axis and 5-axis machining, just is shown in figure 5.

2014-7-11 11:22

Figure5: machine the Buddha head with four-axis by using ZW3D

In addition, ZW3D can provide customization for woodwork machinery industry by using special machine method and procedures, which will enhance the efficiency of design and machining.

By integrating with CNC machine, ZW3D develops a template suitable for the woodwork machine, which can cut down the time and optimize the design parameter. The machine can use the STL file to do 4-axis machining directly, and can adjust the contact angle of the tool to improve surface quality, making it easier to carve the woodwork.

tool path simulation.png
2014-7-11 11:23

ZW3D, one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced CAD/CAM solutions for the manufacturing industry, can meet the requirement of the customers in woodwork machinery profession, and help finish the task from designing to manufacturing, cutting down the cost taken in purchasing software and improving the competitiveness of the enterprises.

If you want to learn more about how to design product with ZW3D or download more free models, please visit ZW3D CAD/CAM User Community.

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