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Amazing function of Automatic Hole Machining

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 Amazing function of Automatic Hole Machining
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Hey, I want to share a very intelligent hole make function of ZW3D which helps me a lot in my hole drilling programming. Itcan make hole drilling programming finished in few seconds. Awww!
Now, let me show you how to use this features as below,

Step 1: Create tool library and save it.Then open Tool Manger and add Drills to this library which including all theDrills you used, and setting Pre-Requisite tool and Pre-Requisite operation inthese Drills. You just need setting tool-library in one time, and then can useit for all the drilling works.

2014-8-19 09:45

2014-8-19 09:45

2014-8-19 09:45

Step2: Pick Hole Tactics command and add Part or Hole feature to Features tree.

2014-8-19 09:45

Step3: Right click on Hole Tactic tree then pick Create/Calculate operations. Thenyou soon get drilling tool-path no matter how many different holes you process.

2014-8-19 09:45

2014-8-19 09:45

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