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New for 2005! FineView Precision View Control

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 New for 2005! FineView Precision View Control
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FineView Precision 3D View Control

A collection of the standard 3D Model Space view controls plus a unique fine-rotate control, rapid zoom in/zoom out functions and a valuable zoom to scale 1:1 (i.e. a Full-Scale representation of the model on screen). Additionally, create a User Plane from any current Screen View with just one click!

Although this tool is primarily aimed at 3D Space, some functionality is also available in the Sketcher and 2D Layout.

If you ever have to use a laptop without a mouse or spaceball, FineView is your baby! Cam Users will find the rapid zoom in/out handy when examining toolpaths.

The fine-rotate control is a powerful tool that mold tool designers in particular will find useful. It is precise, and in conjunction with the align view to plane (inc planar face) command, helps you to determine extract directions.

The 1:1 screen view scale function is very good too since you can get a much better understanding of parts when viewing them at their real-world size.

Screen view scale needs to be calibrated to your screen size and resolution. A simple interactive calibration method is included and is only required to be set-up once. Note that although approximate, this view is highly representative and spending 2 minutes calibrating is time well spent.

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