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17-05-2005 03:14 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
  • Work with constrained and unconstrained geometry
  • Highlight Class-A surfacing
  • Show integrated CAM
  • Value price, premium performance, PTC is expensive with over 45 different modules (example: variable scaling is a extra module and costs $5,000)

    Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) used to dominate the high-end CAD/CAM market. PTC launched its initial product in 1986. Due to its dominance in the overall CAD/CAM market, PTC has been able to capture some mid-range market share. But it is a surprisingly small share considering the size of PTC compared to SolidWorks. This is because PTC has limited the functionality of its mid-priced products to avoid conflict with its high-end product line. It is also considered difficult to learn and use.
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    07-12-2006 02:18 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
    Q1 2007 Pro-E is discounting 50% the Wildfire 3 bundle which includes surfacing,tool design,mold base and machining 2-5 axis with turning.

    Watching a demo of Pro-E the guy gouged a part in 3 axis, said he had the gouge protect turned off, (ya right)
    They only have tool holder protection for one shank.

    This product requires many mouse clicks even when using templetes, I counted 12 windows to get toolpath wireframe verified and I lost track of how many mouse clicks. It just looked in depth and complicated.

    They do have lollipop cutters and nice containments for 5 axis machining with mill turn capability.

    VX beats them on ease of use in CAM especially when using templetes.
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