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pmp files path

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 pmp files path
27-09-2015 05:08 . pm   |   View his/her posts only

I created PC5 and PMP files using the Windows user called ‘aula’.
I copied the PC5 and PMP files on the appropriate folders of the Windows user called ‘Amministratore’
ZWCAD refers to the PMP file located in the ‘aula’ profile even if the search paths are correct.

Pictures below show search paths set in ZWCAD 2015+ Pro and path of the pmp file inside the pc5 file.
plotter search paths.PNG
2015-9-27 17:05

pc5 settings.PNG
2015-9-27 17:05

Is it possible to have paths relative to the folders set in ZWCAD options
so when moving pc5 and pmp files there is no need to manually detach the wrong pmp file and attach the correct pmp file?

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