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VX and ProE, working together

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 VX and ProE, working together
06-11-2005 02:35 . am   |   View his/her posts only
I use VX and will soon start working with a company that uses Pro E for 3d part design (no assemblies).

Do any of you have experience or suggestions on which format(s) and associated settings are best for going back and forth between VX and Pro E?

Any other pointers would be helpful too.


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06-11-2005 07:33 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Hi Clinton

Usually, IGES from Pro-E imports into VX exstremely well. Throughout the different releases, Pro-E has had a tendency to store data incorrectly in it's IGES files, but the VX developers have been able to detect the faults and ensure that VX can bring in the geometry as per design intent - VX is one of the only applications that can do this and probably imports Pro-E IGES better than Pro-E does.

Generally speaking, you should enjoy successful export to Pro-E using VX default IGES flavour settings - but it depends on what modules the Pro-E user has, since Pro-E is primarily a Solids modeller and "does not like" open surface models when the extra cost surfacing modules are not present.

If your work for the company is similar to the automotive models of yours that I have seen before, keep your general computational model tolerance at 0.01mm. As with all exporting, make sure your model is "squeaky clean" before you export (history must regen in VX, spurious data erased) - never export anything that the receipient does not need.
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