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Sketcher Quick Draw Curve Through Points BROKEN in 11.5?

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 Sketcher Quick Draw Curve Through Points BROKEN in 11.5?
13-11-2005 12:53 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Is the Sketcher's "Quick Draw Curve Through Points" broken in 11.5?

With VX freshly restarted "Quick Draw Curve Through Points" DOES initially seem to work with the grid turned on. However, if you turn the grid off and turn the grid on again, "Quick Draw Curve Through Points" seems not to work correctly anymore.

It does NOT seem to function correctly with the grid turned OFF.

For example:
-start with a totally fresh vx file and make a sketch on a default plane.
-using the method "Quick Draw Curve Through Points"
-pick certain points for the curve to go through and on the third point, the curve will either snap to the origin or some totally random other point.
In short, the points that I pick are placed in the wrong place, the point placement seems to be random.

I will submit a pcr but I first wanted to see if any of you might have a quick workaround or be able to point I if I have a configuration setting wrong.


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14-11-2005 03:50 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
You found a real live one. It was broken in 11.4. The developer is aware of the problem and waiting for your PCR. A part is not required. The regular "through point curve" command is your workaround.
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