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10-12-2005 01:23 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
I was wondering if ther was a way to change the cursor type in VX. I know you can change the cursor in Windows but what I am interested in is a crosshair style cursor. Not like the windows crappy little crosshair either. I was hoping to have a a crosshair that goes from edge to edge in the part display field. I found this type of crosshair to be helpful in distinguishing drafted edges from undrafted edges by a quick glance as well as helping the pick functions.

I realize this would be tricky to do since the cursor would have to change when you moved over the menus but even old Cimatron IT had this andI found it to be quite helpful. I tried attaching a screen dump of the crosshair in an old version of Cimatron IT but it wouldn't upload.

Does VX have the ability to change the cursor to a crosshair? If not how difficult would it be to make this change for a future release of maybe a Macro?

I can live without it. In fact it isn't even me that really wants this. Its a coworker that is making the jump to VX who was asking about it. He is a former user of UG, Cimatron (Elite and IT), and others. I was just trying to make the transition a little more comfortable for him.

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10-12-2005 01:44 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Hi Nivec

The short answer is no, VX only uses the Windows cursor for general picking and unfortunately this is not something that the macro language can change. However, you do have a full cross-hair cursor when traversing faces/surfaces and your right-mouse menu pick is set to "on entity", so it seems that VX actually delivers the cross hair when you most want to see it

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16-12-2005 08:10 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
I also am an ex ug user and miss the full screen cursor. I downloaded on of those make your own cursor programs and made a cross hair style, but it is small. If anyone finds a cursor program that lets you make a large cursor say about 100" X 100" it would work like a full screen.

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16-12-2005 09:09 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Hi Chris

The standard Windows cursor size is 32x32 pixels. I think it is possible to save one (or rather, use one in Windows) no more than 100x100 pixels. Plus, you would be replacing the main Windows cursor, meaning that all of your programs would then be using a big cross hair cursor instead of the regular arrow.......

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18-12-2005 07:47 . pm   |   View his/her posts only

I'd have thought ex ug users would use edles.

rry ristmas to all.


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