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Annotative dimensions in ZWCAD 2017

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 Annotative dimensions in ZWCAD 2017
29-07-2016 12:55 . am   |   View his/her posts only
I am new to ZWCAD and i have a couple of questions. So, excuse me if any of them is silly.I am using ZWCAD 2017 VERNUM = "2016.07.18(5653)_x64"

1-When i open any Autocad created file and try to add/modify/copy a dimension with an existing annotative dimension style, the text size goes small to the size in the style (paper height) whatever the value of "Dim scale overall" property is?

2-What is the "annotative property" when creating a new dim style used for?

3-Is there any tutorial for the workarounds for annotation scaling, dynamic blocks and dynamic arrays. (I mean how to handle them if i use an Autocad created file with these features?

Thank you in advance

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Hi there, Thanks for your questions. Currently ZWCAD 2017 doesn't support annotative scale, so for your 1° and 2° questions, when select a annotative dimension style to add new dimension, the style changes. And since it doesn't support annotative scale, so in the dimension style create box, there is no annotative property. For any drawing file containing these annotative properties, you may need to adjust it to the right one and then open it in ZWCAD in case it displays incorrectly.
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