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ZW3D 2017 CAD New Features ( Basic & Translator)

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 ZW3D 2017 CAD New Features ( Basic & Translator)
02-09-2016 10:39 . am   |   View his/her posts only

Dear all,

ZW3D2017 is released very soon. In the next few days, we will update the new features. So today, our topic is Smaller Z3 file and updata translator.

1.Samller Z3 file Size

As we know, Smaller Z3 file can be easily archived, transmitted and shared. Here are a few ways 2017 has offered to reduce the Z3 file, equivalent to Parasolid format.

3 options have been provided on “Configuration > General > General” as following.

>>Save file without display & edge data

>>Save file without display data

>>Save file with all data (like Previous Version)

“Save file without display & edge data” option is on by default and can generate the smallest Z3 file.

Z3 file saved without display data needs to re-generate the display data during file opening process, which will cost a little more time comparing with the previous version, but not noticeable.

Below is compared result between different file formats and ZW3D 2017.

2016-9-2 10:37

2. Updata Translator

In ZW3D 2017, we make some improvements for import and export function.

>>Speedup STEP import on complex parts with lots of faces (Big STEP file)

>>New “Hidden entity” option to control whether the blanked objects are imported or not

>>New “PMI” option to control whether it can be imported or not

The option is available for following formats: CATIA V5/V6,NX, Creo, Solidworks

2016-9-2 10:37

More details about translator , you can find then in below table. The update is marked by Red compared with ZW3D 2016SP.

For Import function:

2016-9-2 10:37

Noted: Only ZW3D 2017 64 Bit version can open Solidworks 2015& 2016 file.

For export function:

2016-9-2 10:37

Best Regards


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