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ZW3D 2017 CAD New Features (Equation Manager)

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 ZW3D 2017 CAD New Features (Equation Manager)
06-09-2016 10:01 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Dear Everyone,

In Previous Version, the variable and equation set isseparated, not easy to use, and didn't support Excel file. So in ZW3D2017, the new upgraded equation managergathers all variables and equation sets into one form, and develops itscapabilities as following.

1. New form with composite tree and list widget to managevariables and equations all together

2016-9-6 09:55

ü User-defined variables and equation sets are listed on the tree following their creation order.

ü Enlisted feature dimensions are listed after User-defined variables and equation.

ü Variables and dimensions of sketches are listed at the third place.

ü Variables and dimensions of sketch blocks referenced by current object will be listed at fourth place.

ü Detail info, such as expression, value, unit and so on, of each node are output through each cell of the row. And columns can be customized through the right-click menu.

ü The right-click menu on each node is provided.

2016-9-6 09:55

2.More new variable types

A.String variable

Youcan define the string variable with quotation marks, like String1 = “ZW3D”.

Onlyadditon operation is supported for string variable. For example,

String1= “ZW3D”, String2 = “2017”, then String3 = String1+String2 = “ZW3D 2017”.

Ifyou want to use a numeric variable to define a string variable, you need to usenum2str() function to read out the number as characters.

B.Point variable

Point(X,Y,Z)is the way you define a point variable, like Point1 = Point(1,2,3).

Assignmentis the only operation supported by Point variable, but you can use othernumeric variables to define the value of its coordinates.

C.Vector variable

Similarwith point variable, Vector(X,Y,Z) is the form you define a vector variable, likeVector1 = Vector(1,2,3).

You cando addition, subtraction and Scalar multiplication operation on vectorvariables. For example,


Vector3= Vector1 + Vector2 = Vector(1,2,2)

Vector4= Vector1 – Vector2 = Vector(1,0,0)

Vector5= 5*Vector1 = Vector(5,5,5)

2016-9-6 09:55

3.New unit support

Numericvariables can set up their units. And constant explicitly defined with a unitis still supported. For example, the expression result of the length variable A in cm unit is:


2016-9-6 09:55

Note: Only the Length and angle type support Unit.

4.New Description toattach note onto variables

Descriptionis used to add more info to the variable for others to learn about.

2016-9-6 09:55

5.New “Enlist Dimension”to enroll the feature parameters into the equation manager

Featureparameters can reference variables, and would be very helpful to stay togetherin a same form to edit.

ü If a feature parameter references a variable, it will be enlisted into equation manager by default.

ü “Enlist Dimension” can be used to add feature parameters into equation manager by picking on graphic area.

ü “Listed in Variable” option on the edit form of each parameter also can enlist itself.

2016-9-6 09:55

ü If you want the parameter enlisted from the equation manager, just use the “Unenlist” option from its right-click menu.

2016-9-6 09:55

6.Excel export and import support

Now, you can directly use excel file to import and export your equation files. This is veryhelpful to modify and edit the equations.

2016-9-6 09:55

7.Improved display mode inthe history manager.

Now, in history manager, both the expression and value canbe displayed. This is very helpful to check the details. Also Z3 file info isrecorded when variable reference is crossing file.

2016-9-6 09:55
2016-9-6 09:55

8.Improved the function list.

There are more functions and variable already defined infunction list, like e,pi, Time();

2016-9-6 09:55

Best regards


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08-09-2016 06:03 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Hi Kevin,
looks great. Hopefully the work flow is much more obvious than the current one.

To match this will there be a little change to the Text entry widget, so that Text Editor is automatically used instead of having to open the drop down menu to see Editor, then click on this so we can access the Variable browser? (Mostly in sheet but also where Text is used in model space. I would much prefer to see the Editor all the time than fiddle with a small text window.
IMO, where only one option is available, the use of a drop down list is a total waste of time. Just deliver the option upfront.

Cheers - Paul

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12-09-2016 02:46 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Reply 2# mudcrab

Hi Paul,

I am totally agree with you. Currently, user need to click too many times to select a variable (equation). Actually, we already have plan to improve this drop down list. But not this version. I think this will be improved in next version.
Now, I didn't get the plan how it will be improved. But you can give me more suggestions about this. I can show to the developer about your ideas.

Best Regards
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