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ZW3D 2017 CAD New Features (2D Drafting)

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 ZW3D 2017 CAD New Features (2D Drafting)
14-09-2016 11:53 . am   |   View his/her posts only

Dear All,

In ZW3D 2017, some improvement is implemented in 2D drafting. The details Information is list in below.

1. New project line setting on Each Projected Components

With this option, user can define different settings for different components. This help the user to make the drawing more clearly.

2016-9-14 11:47

2.New “Depth” option on Section View to Define What is projected

If you want the default setting, please set the section depth to 0.

2016-9-14 11:47

3. New Hatch Visibility Setting on Each Projected Components

You can use this option to decide display or hidden the hatch for each components.

2016-9-14 11:47

4. New Associative Model Setup for Each Drawing Sheet

With this option, you can associate different models in multi-pages drawings in one file.

2016-9-14 11:47

5. Improved BOM

· More new attributes to readout: Size, Length, Width, Height

2016-9-14 11:47

· Column is available for equation operation

Common equation combines the default columns to form a new column. For example, you can use the default Length, Width and Height column mentioned above to get anew Custom Size column.

2016-9-14 11:47

Now you can use any column including any customized columnin an equation. is the way to define which column is used in theequation. For example, Price is a customized column, and Total Cost column uses* equation to get the product of Price and Quantity columns.

2016-9-14 11:47

· More new BOM drag behaviors

When dragging the boundary line of rows or column of BOM to adjust their width or height, you can snap to the lines of sheet border or title block to align with them.

Best Regards


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