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ZW3D 2017 CAD New Features (Assembly)

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 ZW3D 2017 CAD New Features (Assembly)
22-09-2016 11:50 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Dear all,
In ZW3D 2017, many improvements for assembly is implemented including new functions, enhancement, etc. The details are listed in below.

1. New Assembly Fillet and Chamfer

Just like the “Assembly Hole” command, “Assembly Fillet(Assembly Chamfer)” adds fillet(chamfer) features onto edges of picked components to change their looks, but these new looks only exist inside the assembly, while the origin part of those components has changed at all.

2016-9-22 11:47

2016-9-22 11:47

2. Improved Component Regeneration with Assembly Replay

Component regeneration under assembly let users to directly regenerate specified components that make the users work more efficient.

· Tweaked “Auto Regen” of top-level components

Here are the options provided by “Auto Regen”.

“Before assembly regen” -> if the original part of the component is outdated,the component will regenerate its own history before the assembly regeneration is executed.

“After assembly regen” -> if the original part of the component is outdated, after the assembly finishes its regeneration, the component then will regenerate its own history.

Due to the component regen after the assembly, the assembly features and alignments related to the component would be outdated. So you have to regen the assembly again to update assembly features or alignments.

“None”-> if no desire for auto regen during assembly replay, this is the one. And this is default option.

· New “Regen” command on each component

Whenever you want to regenerate the component, you just use this, no need to activate oropen the component.

2016-9-22 11:47

· New “Outdated” marked on components that need a regeneration

If a part is outdated, its component instances will be marked outdated under assembly tree to remind you. You can regen the part with the “Regen” command mentioned above directly.

2016-9-22 11:47

3. Tweaked“Insert a Component"

· Auto select the sole part/assembly object

· Tweaked the auto alignment during insertion with new “frame” alignment support

² Point

Auto add point coincidence alignment between the insert point and the origin of the component if the insert point is on some entity.

² Face/Datum

If a face is selected as the align entity, a coincident alignment will be added between the face and the XY plane of the component.

If a datum is selected, the datum is coincident aligned with the XY plane of the component along with their origins.

² Frame

The component will be fully constrained by the frame alignment between the selected datum and the XY plane of the component.

4. “Mirror” provides new “As a whole to mirror” option

If you want those new mirror instances staying just like the original, check on this option to make them mirrored as one unit.

2016-9-22 11:47

5. New “Use shape material” option in “Extract Shape”

This newoption is to set the part material of new part generated by Extract shape as the shape.

2016-9-22 11:47

6.New “Create the part in a new file” option on the form of Part Library

After a standard part is inserted in an assembly from the Part Library, you can replace this part with another specification from Part Library by “Adjust Component” if you want. You can have this command on the right-click menu of the standard part inserted from Part Library.

2016-9-22 11:47

7. New “Create the part in a new file” option on the form of Part Library

After checking on this new option, the inserted part will be generated as a standalone.Z3PRT file to insert into an assembly as component. You need save this file to the directory of the assembly before closing the assembly file.

2016-9-22 11:47

Best Regards


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