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POVray is rusty and outdated

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 POVray is rusty and outdated
27-06-2017 09:03 . pm   |   View his/her posts only

I come from the CGI world, I'm now learning the CAD/CAM workflow but I mainly do product visuals and 3D animation.

I've just installed ZW3D 2017, and I've found out that it's using POVray for 3D raytracing (Rendering).
POVray in itself is a very old piece of software (initial release was in 1991), the last stable version is numbered 3.7, and was released in 2013. ZW3D in 2017 is still using version 3.6.

There are some very nice opensource raytracers available today that you could integrate as a replacement for POVray, if you want to go serious about this aspect.

Cycles, LuxRender and YafaRay to name a few, all of these are actively develeped, very capable and modern rendering engines and can produce very high quality results in a much more modern fashion, using GPU for rendering.

If you would like to do that - allowing some extended material attributes like Subsurface Scattering etc could be great. For Cycles rendering Engine there is a great "Principled BSDF" shader introduced that exposing a few material attributes allows for creating a very wide range of realistic materials - from car paint to glass, to soft plastic etc.

I know ZW3D is not a package that's mainly intended to produce nice looking visuals, but if you want to improve - here's one thing you certainly can improve upon :)

2017-6-27 20:53

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26-02-2018 05:17 . pm   |   View his/her posts only

I realize it's an extra cost, but Keyshot is available for ZW3D as well. And that creates some really nice images!

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