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Restore to before update

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 Restore to before update
30-06-2017 06:44 . pm   |   View his/her posts only

Is it possible to undo a ZWCAD update without totally reinstalling the software?
Since latest update i'm finding new bugs and there don't appear to have been any fixes to actual issues I've been experiencing.

Latest one concerns extension lines - though i can pick up extension lines when moving points of an object the movemoent of the point is not actually constrained - i.e it will position slightly off from the extension depending on any slight movement of the cursor - how can i change this?

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03-07-2017 09:24 . am   |   View his/her posts only
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Hello, thanks for your question. The update cannot be restored. Actually the latest version is 2017.06.07(18304) , so you may update to this version and check whether it is fixed or not. We did some testing in it, by stretching endpoint of a line along the tracking line, and it seemed work OK. Anyway, if you test the 06.07 and still have problem, you could tell us more about how to reproduce it. Thanks.
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