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wrapping of few stl on curved surface

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 wrapping of few stl on curved surface
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Hello everyone,
My name is Bruno, a French guy who try to use Zw3D in demo version.
I need your help to know how to enroll few STL models on a curved surface.
I try to follow some tutorial but without success.
First, I have drawn a bowl.
Second, I have find an STL model on internet and I tried to put it on the surface of the bowl (3 or 4 repetitions)
I don't understand realy well how is possible.Perhaps it is necessary to create additionnal points or curve?
And in despite my computer (i7-3630QM with a Nvidia Geforce GTX 680M) the waiting time between each modification about the different position are very long.( Zw3d crash very often)

So, in attached file you will find the project.
I hope to follow your recommandation to use well this software.
Best Regards

The files used for this project

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Omnimo, Welcome to the community!
If you have any issue about ZW3D, you can post it in the following forum. Thanks.
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