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 Plot to PNG
13-08-2017 03:16 . am   |   View his/her posts only
I need to plot my drawing to a PNG image using a desired size in pixels.
Normally in autocad I used to do it by selecting Plot to PNG and then in the properties-Custom Paper Sizes, selecting one and clicking edit a could introduce the size in pixels.

the problem here in ZWCAD is that when i go to custom paper size, there is nothing to edit, and the buttons Add, Delete and Edit are all blocked.

Please help me with this one because is something need to do urgently.

Thank you


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14-08-2017 08:48 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Reply 1# jesusr7964

Hi Jesus,

Thanks for you feedback, we confirm it as a bug T14696 in ZWCAD 2017 currently.
Which version are you using? ZWCAD 2017? If so, a temporary solution is to use the last version ZWCAD Classic to do this, since ZWCAD Classic is down compatible to ZWCAD 2017, you can also use it as a full version. Thanks. We check this customize paper size is working OK in ZWCAD Classic. Sorry for any inconvenience to you.
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