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What is new in ZWCAD 2018?

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 What is new in ZWCAD 2018?
21-09-2017 04:53 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
New Features
1. New user interface
ZWCAD 2018 adopts a brand new designed UI in dark theme, which the lower brightness and higher contrast of such design can greatly reduce the visual fatigue from long time drafting.

2017-9-21 16:41


2017-9-21 16:42

2D Drafting& Annotation Workspace

2. Rich Customization for User Interface

ZWCAD 2018 provides a rich customization for users, including the following elements:
  • Workspaces
  • Quick Access Toolbars
  • Ribbon
  • Toolbar
  • Menus
  • Shortcut Menus
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • LISP Files
  • Partial Customization Files

2017-9-21 16:43

CUI command dialog box

Compared with the 2017 version, which only supports Workspaces, Quick Access Toolbars and Ribbon, now ZWCAD 2018 is available to customize almost all the user interface elements. Especially:
  • Partial Customization Files (Partial CUI): Partial CUI is compatible to the main .cuix file, i.e., users can load the partial CUI file together with the main .cuix file, or unload it from the current workspace. It is mostly used for developers to customize their .cuix file for their applications, or users can also use it to make their own interface. Users can generate .cuix file from using menu load command to load .mun files.
  • Toolbar: Toolbars now are available to be customized via CUI function. Users can input Customize command and then select Toolbar option, or directly input CUI command to open the Toolbar customization dialog box.
  • Menus and Shortcuts: ZWCAD 2018 also adds menus, shortcut menus, keyboard shortcuts and LISP files in CUI function. The old method to customize menu by writing the .mun files and loading via Menuload command is still available, but to include the menu customization into CUI will make users or developers more easily to create customization files.

3. Quick Calculator
ZWCAD 2018 now supports quick calculator function. Beside the basic calculating function, it also supports scientific calculation, unit conversion,variables and numeric text Calculation.

2017-9-21 16:46

4. Dimension Arrow Flip
ZWCAD 2018 supports flip over arrows of a dimension with AIDIMFLIPARROW.

2017-9-21 17:13

5. Solid Profile
With the SOLPROF command, users can create a 2D representation of the 3D solid projected onto the plane.
For example, to create the profile for the following box:

2017-9-21 16:47


With the MVSETUP command, users can set the drawing specifications,insert the title blocks, create and adjust layout viewports, etc.

2017-9-21 17:16

7. Improves Help Document Readability
The ZWCAD Help is reconstructed in this version, so users have a better experience on using help document to work. Users can directly click the links in the content areas, and it will jump to corresponding commands,variables or any other keyword that users expect to see.

2017-9-21 16:48

8. New Commands
  • AIDIMFLIPARROW: Quicklyflip the specified dimension arrow
  • CUILOAD: Loadthe specified customization file (CUIx)
  • CUIUNLOAD: Unloadthe specified customization file (CUIx)
  • CUSTOMIZE:Customize the short key for commands and the toolbars
  • IMAGEQUALITY: Controlthe display quality of images
  • MVSETUP: Setsthe drawing specification, insert the title block, create and adjust layoutviewports
  • OOPS: Restorethe last objects erased by ERASE command
  • QUICKCALC: Openor close the quick calculator
  • SOLPROF: Createthe 2D profile for 3D solid object
  • SHADE: Get thesolid entities shaded and displayed in the current drawing
  • 3DOPEN: Starts ZW3D automatically to open this drawing

9. New System Variables
  • ADCSTATE: Controlswhether the current state of Design Center window is open or close
  • FRONTZ: Stores the distance from front clipping plane to the target plane for the current viewport, in drawing units only when the VIEWMODE system variable is set to 1 and “the front clip-not-at-eye” is also set to 1
  • GRIDMAJOR: Controls the frequency compared between major grid and minor grid. The range of effective value is from 1 to 100


1. Better supports for High-Resolution Displays
ZWCAD 2018 now is compatible with high-resolution 4K displays. Userscan use every pixel on their screen without worrying if the interface willscale correctly. Open ZWCAD in such monitor, the menus, ribbon, command lineand other elements will be scale correctly.

2. Displays all results in Find list
Now ZWCADsupports to display all the matched results in the Find dialog box

2017-9-21 16:49

3. Changes Grid color
Now users canchange the grid color as they want, including the major and minor colors.

2017-9-21 16:50

4. Attributes preview in Eattedit dialog box
When editing the attribute in the Enhanced Attribute Editor dialogbox, users can see the result preview in the drawing area while inputtingvalues in the text box. This preview can help users to instantly andintuitively check whether the value is correct or not.

2017-9-21 16:52

5. Adds Publish option in Publish

When users publish a project, they can click the Publish Options inthe Publish dialog box, which they can set up the default output directory,single or multiple pages, file information and DWF password protection.

2017-9-21 16:52

6. Improves snap mode with apparent intersection
ZWCAD 2018 now is available to snap the apparent intersection.Mostly apparent intersection in used in the 3D models and views. When the objects in 3D views are not actually intersected, but in the current view, they are intersected, as the following picture shown.

2017-9-21 16:52

7. Improves OLE grip usability
Now ZWCAD 2018 can snap the grip of the OLE object and change thesize. When select the OLE object and change the “Lock aspect” item in theProperties, for example, change “Lock aspect” to 0, then width and height willbe adjusted separately, while 1 they will maintain the original proportion.

2017-9-21 16:52

8. Simplifies installation process
To install ZWCAD, now only one click can finish all the processes, no need to click next step several times.

2017-9-21 16:52

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Please check the polar tracking command, because not work correctly.


Polar 1.png
2018-1-3 19:29


Polar 2.png
2018-1-3 19:29
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