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Help recovering license broken HDD

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 Help recovering license broken HDD
27-11-2017 05:50 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Hello all,
i need some help in recovering my license from one compuret that had issues with the hard drive and i can`t boot from it to release the license. I saw that if i activate the product on that pc, if i want to move it to another pc or im my case, new hdd installed, i have to "deactivate" the app 1st. Do i have any alternatives?
I use ZwCAD 2014+ and i bought 2 licenses. If i try to activate on the new hdd, it says that i don`t have a "empty" license and i need to release from the hdd with bads.
Any help?

Thanks in advance!

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28-11-2017 09:19 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Reply 1# alexan8864

Do you know who the local reseller to provide these licenses to you? If so, you can contact them to help you reset the code.

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In order to recover the lost data, I'd strongly recommend you to check out this recovery tool . 7data has proved to be much more effective its counterparts. But keep in mind, it's pretty pricey
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