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Produce one, two or a family of Part Models with VX

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 Produce one, two or a family of Part Models with VX
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<P style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0cm"><FONT face="Arial, sans-serif"><FONT size=3>Hello All</FONT></FONT>
<P style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0cm"><FONT face="Arial, sans-serif"><FONT size=3>I previously introduced Equation driven modeling with the spring example. With an Equation Set in place, you can re-size your model quickly and easily by editing a few key values. All dimension fields in the VX Options form for each VX command will accept a variable name as a value. Many will accept an expression. If you step through the history of the example spring file you will find that Equation Set variables are used extensively to maintain tight control of the model. How about producing further models from a Model Master? That's easy too with VX, and there are a variety of ways to go about it. For the "one or two" scenario, you can use the VX Derive Part form. For a family of parts you can use a spreadsheet (VX Table).</FONT></FONT>
<P style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0cm"><FONT face="Arial, sans-serif"><FONT size=3>Want to learn more? Download these example files based on a Parametric Bolt:

Example Files

In the WinRar archive you will find a sample VX file, spreadsheets and an easy to follow guide as an MS Word document. You can also download a PDF version of the guide:

How To Guide</FONT></FONT>
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