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Automatic constraint solve display

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 Automatic constraint solve display
04-10-2006 05:05 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Continuing the sketcher discussion.
Having to use check constraint as a dicreet activity is a pain.
The approach of automatically changing the colour of a sketch line/point once it is fully constrained is brilliant.
VX seems to have the capability as one can edit whilst in constraint enquire and see exactly that happen.
Being able to manage new line constrains on the fly might save some of the grief that arise when chirality takes over and explodes an othersise apparently sane sketch.

Personally I would prefer constraint enquire to be a toggle rather than an transient event. The dialogue might have to shrunk and removed off the work area perhaps to the staus bar.

I am not sure how one might manage sketches with multi coloured lines though. I am sure a Florida VX could figure a cunning on that for sure.

Grist for V13 mill I hope.


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05-10-2006 03:27 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Agree. Live colours would be better than the check constraints. Most systems using the D-Cubed constraints manager utilise this for underconstrained/fully constrained and overconstrained feedback. VX clearly has this ability already, so it should be a simple case of making it always on or always off? What I usually do is skecth the geometry to the size and shape I need, roughly, then use the VX autoconstrain to set the fully constrained shape, then remove and reapply constraints and dimensions to the way I want them using the check constraints at each stage.
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