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Optimum Quadro Settings for VX

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 Optimum Quadro Settings for VX
02-01-2007 10:44 . am   |   View his/her posts only
OK, now that I have that delicious new quadro card [currently run a quadro fx 1500m and soon will upgrade to a quadro fx 2500m ] there is one slight problem. There are numerous settings in the Nvidia control panel and I have no idea what they do or how they relate to cad cam. There are a number of applications in one setting area where you can select what is to be an optimal setting for these programs. You can pick Catia for Catia for instance. Does anyone have any Idea what these settings do? And let me throw into the mix the issue of overclocking with Riva Tuner also and if anyone has done such a thing what were the results? [can you ever go fast enough I wonder?] My new laptop has a core 2 duo and I am looking for the best way to get the most out of it where VX is concerned. I have 2 gig of ram so I think I am covered there. Anyone with experience in these issues? Thanks, Dave Ault

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Hello Dave

Many of the Nvidia settings are to do with DirectX, which VX is not worried about since it is using OpenGL. If you find that you have a graphics problem in VX, with the graphics card at it's default settings, then I expect someone will recognise the symptoms and be able to tell you which option should be changed.

With regards to your dual-core CPU, you can dedicate one of the cores to VX (vxmain.exe). With a core all to itself, VX really flys! Dedicating that core is a pain though, you have to do it via Windows Task Manager. Right-click on the process and set the core "affinity". The problem is, you need to do this for all of your main programs, by default they all use both cores.

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