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Geodesic Sphere, Design Optimizer, Link Manager

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 Geodesic Sphere, Design Optimizer, Link Manager
16-01-2007 09:56 . am   |   View his/her posts only
One of my customers recently asked me how to create Geodesic domes in VX.
I had some fun creating the sphere and it shows off a couple of cool VX capabilities that are sometimes overlooked, the design optimiser and the link manager.

First load the part Master Freq_1. This is the seed part that the 2 and 4 frequency domes are created from. Basically the Freq_1 dome is made up of a 20 equilateral triangles. These are created using VX geometry together with the design optimiser.

If you step through the history you can see that two variables are used ZH and ANG.

These are used in the design optimiser to iterated the angles of one of the triangles to 60 degrees.

Try editing the 75 sketch dimension to say 100 and then regen the part. The triangular faces are no longer equilateral triangles. Go into the design optimiser and hit the run button. This should work for any size change, if however you choose a large change, you may need to do the edit in a couple of intermediate stages.

Next go into the Link manager and select the two parts, hit the regen button (in the link manager) and the two other parts are updated

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Thanks Mike,
It's really freat ot see anyhting like this. I learnt a bit from looking at them.. Will have to do a bit more reading about how to use optimiser tho'
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