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Just some thoughts on 2D

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 Just some thoughts on 2D
18-07-2007 12:00 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
I am copying a letter I sent to Thomas Minten in response to his time and effort to help me on an issue and his time is appreciated by the way. Just a reflection on some issues that have allways puzzled me with VX. "Thomas, thanks for your time re the tool path. While this does not solve my problem with corner rounding it does show me how to use a tool path I had not used before. Do you know if VX intends to make life easier for us 2D guys? I hate to draw parts in VX and then send them to Surfcam to cut this 2D stuff but there are a number of occasions where I do so because Surfcam has such a comprehensive tool library and recognizes so many types of endmills for easy 2D work. I like some of the tool paths in VX much more though and try to use it if possible. On this part you wrote the VX cam plan for I will end up going to my knee mill as this is to much time and trouble to do in VX for 6 pieces. I suppose you could interpolate from a chamfer mill tool path but then I have to have a separate part to have the chamfer feature and I cannot do a verify on a real part, both of which are show stoppers. I find this sadly to be true for way to many 2D parts and it is why VX sold a lot of seats around here when they were running their promotion but then people let it drop because it's to hard or impossible to use on the majority of their parts which just happen to be 2D. It seems in many ways that VX wants to cater to complex 3D parts only and I do not understand why they cannot see that they lose lots of potential sales in the majority of machine shops because the majority of all machine work is 2D. Thanks, Dave Ault" You know guys, it's your money but it makes sense to me to appeal to the biggest market possible and you miss the boat on 2D.

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Hello Dave

The 3D World is a pretty big market too you know Is the majority of all Machine work strictly 2D? If it is, what are all our mold-tool making customers doing? The fact is Dave, there is a huge demand for a huge variety of things. We are trying to deliver what we believe will generally be the most useful tools for our customers. We are only human though (Some members of the engineering community are not sure about that but I assure you it is true!). We cannot do everything at once and we cannot please all of the people all of the time. It is fair to say that VX is outstanding value for money and it has attracted a very wide range of different customers, most of whome are satisfied with their purchase. VX is selling well, worldwide and as a package it has always been "very 3D".
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