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 help needed
19-09-2007 11:03 . am   |   View his/her posts only
I get a message that the file has changed since the last save, and do I want to remove it from the session or continue at my own risk.
Problem is the file is gone. No trace can be found I do not have sessions turn on. I have resorted to making a copy of the file on another disk.
I cannot predict when this will happen and can file several times in a row that it does happen then all is OK for a while. I contacted support and was told that it was a glitch in windows, maybe.
Now It has happened again with another file.
Does anyone have any idea? I have virus protection that must be turned off to start VX. could that be it?

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19-09-2007 05:23 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Hello Chris

I think it might well be your anti-virus interrupting in some way. The reason I think so is because VX is more than one executable (exe). When VX starts-up, it is launched by "vx.exe". That in turn runs "vxmain.exe". If you use advanced rendering or QuickMill, other exe files are run. Some virus programs are not smart enough (or are too smart) to recognise the behaviour as being normal, and so they can intervene - your anti-virus might even stealthily move your VX file to a quarantine folder but more likely, it is trying to detect a virus when vxmain writes/saves a VX file and in the process destroys it. Only a theory but stranger things happen. Your A-V should have an option whereby you can tell it to leave certain trusted applications alone. If this facility exists, you will need to list: In your VX User Folder: vx.exe, Setup.exe, vxc.exe. In the VX Program Files FolderBin: vxmain.exe, vxcg.exe, vxsysid.exe. Also in the same Bin folder, if you are a VX CAM User, there are several other exe files and all would need to be listed.

Are you the only VX User in your Office? It is possible that another User has accessed the file, and they have it "locked" in their session.

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