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VX Version 13.43

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 VX Version 13.43
21-12-2007 04:27 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
VX CAD/CAM is very pleased to announce the release of version 13.43. This marks the official production release of the software. CD's will follow in the mail but you can access the downloads from

Please review the Release Notes section.
Please review the Hot Tips section of the support page.
We are proud of new functionalities like mechanical simulation, multi-viewport display, dramatically enhanced dynamic sectioning, new real-time surface analysis modes and SmoothFlow machining. These are accompanied by extensive enhancements in visualization, assembly modeling, history management, drawing view layout, 2D drafting, 5-axis machining and almost every other application area in VX.

We have upgraded Parasolids import to handle assembly instancing and to achieve an overall reduction in the incidence of open edges in imported geometry. We have also added support for the latest DWG formats. We will continue to improve Parasolids and DWG translation.

Please note that VX will be closed Christmas week December 24 through December 28.

If you need assistance with passwords, send requests through your normal chanels or to during that period.
If you already have a version 13 password, you do not need another one.
If you already have a license server installed you do not need another one.

We will re-open on Monday, December 31 and closed again January 1.
All of us at VX wish you a wonderful and safe holiday, and a Happy New Year!


Mike Lynch
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07-01-2008 06:14 . am   |   View his/her posts only

In the configurations for 13.43 I see

Max undo steps: I changed this to 1500
Compact undo redo: is ticked
Max undo memory (MB): its set at 300, is there a better figure for my setup?

Out of interest, what is prompt streamlining?

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07-01-2008 08:18 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Hello TheMIB

Your UnDo ReDo settings are fine for your rig. There shouldn't be any need to increase the Max MB, that is already a generous value but if you have un-used RAM capacity then that is a place where it could be employed.

From the online help:

Prompt streamlining

When the Command Options Forms are not displayed, this is referred to as "streamline mode" verses "play mode" when they are displayed. The difference is an extra middle-click at the end of the prompt sequence in "play mode." Prompt Streamlining is when the " to finish" is not displayed. Select from the following options:

On - will only prompt while the Command Options Form is displayed. It will skip the prompt for a feature sketch that is created from within another command such as Extrude Shape.

Off - will always prompt.

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