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I have a request from a customer to make an animation of an assembly to show how to install the product. What is the best way to copy it into some format that can be played on any PC. They plan to have displays in shopping malls.
Thank You
Chris Stahler
Allegheny CAD Solutions,inc.

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Hello Chris

You can use a screen recorder. There are many of them out in the wild, a Goggle search will find them. I quite like HyperCam. I suggest you download a few free trials and see what you think. The main consideration is quality, and that is determined by the movie "codec". Microsoft supplies a pretty good codec for their own file types (once you have made your movie, there are plenty of converter applications to translate it into practically any format). The best AVI codec by far is TechSmith's Camtasia. If it is for a Shopping Mall display you will be looking for high resolution (you are also going to need a very sparky PC).
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