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Create a Partial Section View

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 Create a Partial Section View
29-04-2009 07:04 . am   |   View his/her posts only
There are occasions when using a partial section (a "cut away") works better than a full section. So how can you produce a partial section in VX, with a spline curve boundary, as in the image below?

The method is simple:

1) Create a new Part Object;
2) Insert the model to be sectioned into the new Part Object as a Component. Merge Component;
3) Define a suitable sketch for the cut-away and perform a combine cut;
4) In the 2D Layout, define the required view of the cut-away Object.

The beauty of this method is that everything is associative. If the model is edited, the changes will update throughout. Apart from the orthographic views, you can also include a 3D shaded view on the drawing - an added advantage. The attached VX file is a simple example of the method.
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