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User Interfaces' to get a LOT skinnier...

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 User Interfaces' to get a LOT skinnier...
06-07-2009 05:26 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Hi All,
I was not sure what ot title this thread so the the above is a clue.

I have just looked at this page . FusionPreview

The issues I have raised with Sketcher interface moving items away from menu/icon and into the cursor focus are also being adopted by others.

Much of what is mentioned re sketching is long term in VX (applied dimensions excepted)

What is evolving is in CAD software is the realisation that users can and want to work on the model not the edges of model space as the current icon rich workspace insists.

I really like what I see in the Fusion interface.
Minimalist workspace, transparency of command dialogues, intuative predicition and selection, larger targets (made possible with transparency), amalagamation of controls.

Whilst Fusion is a Labwork at present, it demonstrates the future is not far away.

Microsoft have put out some interesting videos of the perceived future in ubiquitous computing. The same style of intuitive interface shows up there too.

I be curious to hear what other users think about the style of interface AND some comments from the VX folks working on V15 and 16....
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