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 ribbon bar[f]
09-09-2009 07:14 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Working at transfering files to my laptop the other day and got to thinking about GUI's and how they differ. I have a 17" screen on my laptop and it was bought in part to be a workstation replacement in the field. That also meant that I want the screen to be big enough to allow for easy cad use. The ribbon bar that so many have adopted, including SE, is such a real estate hog that it is hard for me to imagine that any developer could seriously hope or think a user would like to lose that much viewing area. This nonsense defeats the purpose for which I bought a 17" screen and I am very glad VX did not do the lemming ribbon bar thing. I posted a picture of VX with a part open as an example of what a clean GUI should look like and just want to put in my two cents here for NO RIBBON BAR. Don't know if you guys are considering it but as far as I am concerned just leave the GUI alone. I work with and without and what could they have been drinking when they decided for the ribbon bar and actualy presented it as a better more intuitive organised way of working.

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Agree with you 100% on that one cutter. The main reason for the rise of the ribbon is that it is delivered 'ready made' by the programming platform, so the lazy developers out there adopted it.....

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Hi Cutter,
I think the brew is called Chateau Microsoft - Vintage Windooze?

Can I take you back to comments I made in a previous thread about looking at the new Fusion interface where the software is a zillion times more intuitive along the lines of the RMB options based on the selection and an almost vacant screen.

IMO, the ultimate destination for interfaces is that the software will provide the options required/available at the time and clutter will eventually vanish.
Hence my desire to see VX fine tune the Interface and increase the work done by the software including automatically shifting tab visibility when doing particular tasks.
e.g. You insert a component, the tab menu should now be on Assembly. Not everthing can be that simple but the easy ones should be done ASAP.

Wondering if there is going to be a SnT on the smartest ways to use VX, RMB etc. I know I do not utilise the RMB side of things as much as I should 'cos I learnt to do things the 'other' way.I somethime hunt through the history for things I could find on the screen and RMB.

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