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 GUI consistency
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The following is part of a post on the SE forums. You guys are smart to have the interface you do and I am just going to tell you that as a user I appreciate not having to sit down and relearn a GUI every year or so. My vote is that you don't fool with what you have in this area and I really hope to see the same GUI in v15 as in v14. Bottom line is that users want to spend their time earning and not learning over and over again how to do the same things.

"Finally got ST2 and now it's back to learning where things are and how
they work again. VX is my other cad program and even with all it's faults has been
consistent for the last 6 years with respect to the GUI. I sit here with the two
aps on the same box and wonder just what the heck is the fascination of some cad
companies with change for the sake of change. There is a basic format for consistent
and logical layout of the GUI that can be achieved by any company that cares to
do so. I know this because VX is a tiny fraction of the size of SE and they did
not get "forced" into the ribbon bar like SE claims they were".
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