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ADOBE Reader is vulnerable

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 ADOBE Reader is vulnerable
16-12-2009 10:30 . am   |   View his/her posts only

I expect just about everyone on the forum uses Adobe Reader. It has an issue that may allow someone to claw sensitive info from your PC and your Anti-Virus may well fail to detect the activity. The above link explains how to de-select the Adobe Javascript capability. For now, I'm using Sumatra PDF reader instead of Adobe Reader.

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A decent replacement for Adobe Reader is Foxit Reader . It allows tabbed multiple PDFs to be open. I use Primo PDF to 'print' drawings to then print the paper versions from Foxit. I can compare multiple drawings tab fashion from within Foxit.
This is small footprint software that for the average user offers more functionality at less overhead than the original. No one is hacking Foxit Reader!

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Sadly Adobe reader has been the source of bad security risks time and time again. I also use Foxit and while some functionality is missing I don't use Adobe because they evidently place a very low priority on my security.
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