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Numbered Feature Tree???? please.....

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 Numbered Feature Tree???? please.....
07-02-2010 07:04 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Am I the only one that would like to have the option of numbered history/feature tree?

Right now I have a model that is big and I have a second version of it that is a variation. This is a complicated hybrid model. When the new version hits a snag becouse of upstream changes I need to get to the same place in the original to see what the picks where and why this new part is failing. I dont mind doing this and at present I think it is beyond Synchronous... (I don't have that anyway so it's immaterial)

What I really, really want is the option quickly find the same place in the history of both parts. Index number would be VERY nice.

Off course there are many other situations when the number would be a nice guide to where I am.

Is there any support for this...?

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07-02-2010 07:29 . pm   |   View his/her posts only

...but you can chop and change the History (cut/copy/move/delete), which diminishes the benefit of a numbered tree. If you give every history feature a unique name (as I know you do), then maybe you could consider including an index number prefix/postfix in the name. I think a number of Users may not have noticed that you can drag the side of the History List to make it wider in order to see the full names....

If you run the vxDAL GetList, you can grab a plain-text list of both histories to compare them, run a 'find' etc. N.B., not updated for v14 but if you need it for that version I'll make it available asap.

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Hi Chris,
I know numbering will obviously get out of date overtime but the human mind (what else is using CAD?) can very quickly find it's way around a list. In fact a number list is incredibly fast for locating the same items hence continued us of line numbering in programming, spreadsheets, legal docs., etc.

The only time a chop and change impacts is if one is doing a twins comparison as per my current situation. However it is very easy to reset the brain and refind a new number.
In all other cases renumbering is OK. I would suggest the software does this in the background all the time unless it's synchronous when order is 'irrelevant' which is like magic then.

Getting two identical lists is hardly a step forward Chris!

Just give the numbers !

FYI Still on v13.75.
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