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 VX 2010
31-03-2010 08:31 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Can it run with Win. 7 64bit ?

I make this question because i'm thinking for change my pc and i'd like to know if it's better if i wait some more time or not.


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31-03-2010 09:04 . am   |   View his/her posts only
VX 2010 is version 15.
Version 14.31 runs perfectly on Windows 7 PRO 32 and 64 bit. We don't advertise that we run on 64bit because VX is a 32 bit application and we do not take direct advantage of 64 bit. However, it does run very well.

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Well, one thing you can do on 64bit is have more the 4GB of RAM available for applications. On a 32bit system, if you have 4GB installed you only get to see around 3GB of it. VX can read and write 4GB files, but all applications are slow when handling big files on systems with insufficient RAM. Mind you, I suspect that most VX Users do not need to handle really huge they?
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