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Open letter to Bob Fischer

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 Open letter to Bob Fischer
29-09-2010 04:03 . am   |   View his/her posts only

I am going to be blunt and straight forward with you on a sore topic. Jon Banquer is on the VX forum not only by your invitation but also by your defense of his presence there as stated by you on the forums. I can't understand why you have allowed this and HOPE he is still there because you have just been to busy to see the total garbage he posts there.

This has not gone unremarked upon the web in the cad community as people wonder what in the world is up and why would VX allow the most banned for many reasons individual in the cad world to be there. One of the theories floated around was that a disgruntled employee was taking his revenge. This was before the announcement of ZW/VX and I completely dismissed the idea at the time but have to wonder now. I am, I really grasp at straws here to try to understand why the individual with the worst reputation in the cad forums/blogs world has a continued presence on the VX forums. Why an individual who has proven time and time again to not only have no desire to learn VX has yet to demonstrate ANY, do you hear me Bob I said ANY, ability to PERSONALLY create a file in VX or Solid Edge or NX or Cocreate or Keycreator or Spaceclaim or TSplines and on and on the list he pontificates on goes. No where Bob, no evidence that he can do a darned thing and YOU put him here to inflict his brand of cad "wisdom" upon those of us who do happen to actually use VX and other products.

In my eyes at least, if you care, it has become a reflection upon you and not VX and it is not a good one. You offered defense of him before and it was lame then and is even more so today with continued proof of Mr Banquers counterproductive posts abounding for your reading pleasure. Please regard this last bunch of stuff regarding TSplines as a perfect example. I am fed up with this situation and figure this "negative" post will be pulled but don't care. If you have so little regard for us actual users maybe I should not be here anyway.

With Disgust, Dave Ault
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