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Will ZW3D have a better rendering method than VX did?

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 Will ZW3D have a better rendering method than VX did?
05-11-2010 12:42 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Will ZW3D have a better rendering method than VX did? Although I send my models to our toolshop across town, there are times that I like to have a good rendered visual also. There are times that i want to send a customer a PDF of a part that they want and would love to have realistic rendering. Thanks.



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14-11-2010 08:14 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Certainly one on the wanted list for those of us who used the original VX rendering (v12 and below). ZWCAD 2010/2011, ZWSOFT's "2D" product, has a very nice built-in rendering facility - easy to use and fast too. I know some customers prefer to use a dedicated rendering package and there are many to choose from. A couple that I like, because they can give excellent results without the User needing to be an expert, are Bunkspeed Shot and KeyShot.

Quick Sample in ZWCAD:

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Hi Bob,
the current visualisation tools actually allow you to do a decent presentation by applying images and textures to surfaces/faces and then using a nice back ground.

the key is to find some nice images that represent what you want. I search the web for images I can crop a something out of. The stretch and pattern options can really change the initial appearance of an image when it is applied to a face.

Check out the Shoe challenge earlier in the forum - Shoe (a.k.a. Show Challenge!) as indication. Also some of the show and tells have visualisation applied and you can do an autopsy on these to see how they did it.

IMO, it would be neat if a library of good images was assembled for ZW3D to have as part of the install or at least develop a library you could down load. Would be neat if users contributed to the library too. Here's hopin'
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