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 NC editor
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Is there a way to replace code in output? I have a cam plan where the output assigns 27 IPM to a rapid move between various profile cuts and I can delete the offending F27. but can't edit it to a rapid move or even more IPM. Delete only and not replace is a problem when cutting and watching your mill crawl across a part at 27 IPM when it could be 750 IPM. VX Post just arbitrarily does this on some moves and not others so I have no idea what causes this.

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Hello cutter. It is possibly ZW/VX that is creating the problem, you should be able to spot it in the CL output file if that is the case. Identify the operation and in the CamPlan tree click on the Op's Parameters branch - take a look at the Speeds-Feeds table for the op. I have seen ZW/VX unexpectedly use a value such as Slotcut. A way to detect odd behaviour like that is to set the feed values to something instantly recognisable in the output file. Once you can see the offender, you can set it to a reasonable value in the VX table.
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